At Atlanta Educational Consultants, we follow a proven process that leads to objective decisions. It’s an integrative, collaborative process that involves each of the key players: our team, the parents, the student, and other academic professionals.

Exploring and Identifying the Needs

We start with an initial meeting with both the parents and the student. This time allows us to understand goals, review previous academic achievement, and survey available intelligence, aptitude, or psycho-educational testing.  This is followed by an in-depth discussion with the student, which allows an exploration of individual interests and strengths.

Evaluation and Review

Evaluation of the meetings may lead to referral for further testing, professional services, or educational assistance.  Additional communication and meetings will occur until a comprehensive plan is created and in place to assure the student’s success. That success depends not only on understanding each student as a unique individual, but also on our comprehensive knowledge of the educational or treatment options that are available.

The Plan

Recommendations are designed to fulfill each client’s academic and personal potential. Whether parents are searching for a traditional day or boarding school or for a therapeutic intervention, there is not only one pathway to follow. Sometimes, academic success requires a meandering path to reach certain goals. My recommendations provide a truly individualized education plan, taking into consideration the needs of the student and the family.


Our work doesn’t end with the list of recommendations for college or school or for therapeutic placement. We provide continued assistance with the enrollment process, as well as ongoing communication with families and students to help ensure success.  For our therapeutic students, we are a vital part of the treatment team that includes the student, parents, therapist, academic and residential teams. Our involvement as Case Managers allows us to advocate for the long-term progress of each student.